About Us

nik-wainwright-west-yorks-sizedLawn3 West Yorkshire is a family business operating primarily in and the West Yorkshire region. We are an established part of the rapidly expanding National network of Lawn3 franchises and provide expert and professional lawncare services to hundreds of clients within West Yorkshire. Customer care is at the centre of everything that we do and is supported by utilizing the very latest in lawncare technology and using only the highest quality professional treatment products.

There is nothing as certain as change, whether that be climatic conditions or customer needs, but you can be certain that as change occurs then we will adapt.  Our business services are constantly evolving and new products are regularly introduced, ensuring that our customers are always receiving the very best solutions and the very best value.

Your lawn is unique and therefore the service we provide should reflect that. A one size fits all approach is not one which we subscribe to and you can be assured that with our extensive knowledge and experience, we will deliver to you, a lawn to be proud of.

NPTC QualifiedEveryone who treats your lawn is a qualified Lawn3 Green Keeper. All our operators hold full PA1 & PA6 NPTC qualifications which certify them to purchase, prepare and calibrate professional herbicides and sprayers and to operate them to ensure correct application rates without risk to themselves, other people and the environment.


Member of Institue of GroundsmanshipLawn3 is a full member of the Institute of Groundsmanship, a professional an organisation founded by groundsmen, for groundsmen.


The Voluntary InitiativeLawn 3 is registered with The Voluntary Initiative. This initiative is focussed on delivering environmental improvements, especially biodiversity and water quality.
The Voluntary Initiative is a first for our sector, and is undertaking activities in three main areas; Research, Training and Communication and Stewardship.