Lawn treatments

Essential Winter Tonic

There’s a reason why Lawn3 call this treatment essential.

All too often a lawn has its final treatment of the year around late Autumn, and then has to wait until March or April the following year before receiving any attention. During these winter months all sorts of problems can occur – including the colonisation of moss.

Number of Applications – Once or twice per year
Timing of Applications – Winter or early spring
Type of Application – A standard Lawn3 treatment for all Lawns

Our Essential Winter Tonic is formulated to give rapid colour improvement to all turf surfaces, with the added benefits of short-term dew dispersal and contains liquid potash.

Iron is an essential minor nutrient for the turf which is utilised for the synthesis of chlorophyll, giving the plant its natural dark green appearance. It is used to “green-up” the sward and for hardening turf to discourage disease. Iron is used by enzymes to regulate transpiration in plants, which is a vital process for the moving of nutrients throughout the plant.

  • Rapid Green-Up Within 3 Hours with excellent longevity (up to 6 weeks)
  • Strengthens cell walls increasing resistance to low sub zero temperatures
  • Maximum hardening
  • Regulates the opening and closing of the stomata, which is important for efficient water use
  • Even more effective In Cold Weather, when grass growth is slow growing
  • No Blackening
  • Surfactant / Iron combination for dew dispersal and hardening to discourage fusarium patch disease
  • Safe to operator and client – no hazard rating for COSHH assessment
  • Will not alter acidity and thus worsen dry patch
  • Effective all year round especially in winter months