Lawn treatments


Even the best of lawns will need occasional repair, and with Lawn3 Northeast it needn’t be a trauma. Whether you have a bald patch caused by moss/weed removal, disease or pedestrians we can repair the area with one of several seeding options.

For patches and small repairs, we will put down top soil and seed in order to give the best possible foundation for the new seed. For larger areas, and specifically after the lawn has been scarified, we can over-seed the area in order to increase the density of the grass.

Whichever option we agree on, it is vital that the seeded area is watered “lightly and regularly”, especially in the first couple of weeks. Seed needs a combination of warmth and water to germinate and grow! This is something only the client can help with. Seeds need to get wet and equally to get dry to germinate and set down roots, so it’s crucial not to keep the seeds constantly “soaked”. We will advise you at the time about an effective watering program.

Talk to us about our various seeding options.